Russel Goreraza, Son of Grace Mugabe, Faces Legal Trouble Over Child Maintenance Payments

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Russel Goreraza, the son of Zimbabwe’s former first lady, Grace Mugabe, is embroiled in legal issues for failing to make court-ordered maintenance payments for his child.

Goreraza, 40, is currently three months behind on the payments, which total US$7,500. The National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe (NPAZ) reported that Goreraza appeared before the Concession Magistrates’ Court facing charges under Section 23 of the Maintenance Act Chapter 05:09, for non-compliance with a maintenance order.

During the court session, Goreraza requested additional time to secure legal representation and did not enter a plea. The legal matter dates back to January this year, when the mother of his child, with whom he shares with his ex-husband Stanley Goreraza, secured a maintenance order against him.

The court mandated Goreraza to pay US$2,500 monthly, or the equivalent in Zimbabwean dollars, according to the prevailing inter-bank rate.

Goreraza allegedly failed to make payments from January to March 2024, leading to an arrears accumulation of US$7,500 by March 31, 2024. Appearing in court without legal counsel, Goreraza was remanded to May 28 for trial.