Prominent Masvingo couple heading for divorce

File photo dated 23/04/07 of wedding rings. Ministry of Justice officials have said that tests of a new online divorce application service have gone well.
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It’s another week and new issues are trickling in. Haaa zvinhu zvacho here? Zvinoita sei zvine kamhepo so. You know Zimbabwean issue zvine kawevhi so.

There is a wave for fires. Unongonzwa kuti building yepaya yatsva. The next thing is a bus catching fire, the next is the hospital yatsva, and so on and on. You wake up the next morning hanzi kune bhazi raita accident and you are assured for the next month or so there will be fatal accidents across the country.

Imwe time ndeye mabhinya or team remabhemba, the next time is yema armed robberies nezvimwe zvakangowanda. I tell you Zim is a crime scene.
At the moment the topical issue is divorce. I am told analysts have described the Zimbabwean divorce cases as aworrying social trend.

Hanzi neumwe after the impending divorce case yaGo and see Victor, kana mozogara marriage hamuna zera nayo. Kkkkk hanzi Sonja asvika pachikamu chekuzorora, apa mari iripo, trips abroad, first class or business class travels, shopping in most expensive boutiques, luxurious hotels and restaurants, top notch cuisines, spa, beautiful home , luxurious cars, several holidays per year in any country of choice, sleeping on top of US$, opening the vault for US$ and smelling the new notes and closing, etc kkkkkk but shiri inozongofa hayo. That’s a story for another day.

Our main story is here in the ancient city. Yeah, pakadii hapo apo pavamudhakisi apo? Ko chii nhai newe muzukuru. Wakutora mbuya sekuru vachiri vapenyu?
I have heard that a man can cheat on his wife and still love her but a woman cannot cheat on her man and still love him because they say while men do not have sex with emotions, women can’t have sex without attaching emotions to it. This is the reason why men simply need a place to have sex while women need a reason to have sex.

I heard there is a looming major divorce after the hubby discovered that his significant half is cheating on him with their muzukuru. Too bad. Maita vanhu vekuziva mhani. Ngenyi muchidaro imi?

Like always it’s know that most women who take their husbands to court for divorce are those that cheat on their men. A non-cheating woman would most likely never take her husband to court for divorce, unless the man excessively abuses her physically and emotionally to the point of killing her.

But apo iwe Mary, oh is it Jane or whoever wakutora murume to court so that you can share the few properties? Asi handiti ndiwe wakacheata here? Asi takadya mapotatoes pamuchato wani?

I just bumped into this but I think it’s true. Men and women you have to read this slowly and carefully. There is a lot of wisdom here. Men don’t equate sex with love. A man can have sex with another woman but still doesn’t love her. That’s why women who fell in love with married men find it difficult to find happiness in those relationships as they are just being used by those married men. But once a married woman starts sleeping with you, she can even narrate some hidden secrets concerning her husband and she will even tell you why she hates him (her husband).

For men, sex and love are two different things. But for women, sex and love are one and the same things. For men, sex comes first before love (infatuation), but for women love comes first before sex (true love). Therefore, once your woman starts having sex with another man/men, her love shifts from you to that man and she can even start giving that man the best food and love than she gives you.

The fact that your man is cheating on you doesn’t mean he has stopped loving you. But I can’t say the same for women. Once a woman starts cheating on you, she has fallen for someone else and you people will never live the same again.

If your wife starts cheating, you should be a lucky man not to die in less than 10 years. It has been found that 95% of women who cheat wish their husbands dead. She can even accept poison from the boyfriend to eliminate her husband.That is the main reason why it is to dangerous for a woman to cheat, so men be careful once you discover your woman is cheating. – Masvingo Mirror