Oops, wrong mine! Wife caught pants down with gold panner

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A 29-year-old married woman was caught dishing out her husband’s sexual goodies to an illegal gold panner.

The incident happened last week on Monday.

Nyarai Moyo of Charisegera Village under Chief Njelele in Gokwe was caught groaning in pleasure by her husband Samson Zaranyika (34) while Lamusi Charisegera (38) an illegal- gold panner was  busy driving a sexual point into her.

A privy source said Zaranyika had gone to sell fertiliser, unfortunately he came home unexpectedly.

“He was expected to come back home on Friday but he came back on Monday at around 2AM. When he knocked Moyo took long to open. As a result he got suspicious and forcefully opened the door and found Charisegera standing behind the door in a boxer short,” said the source.

The tell it all source said Charisegera bolted out of the house in a boxer short. Zaranyika followed him in hot pursuit and hit him with a log and fractured his left leg.

“He hit him with a log several times all over the body and ripped his boxer short, leaving him stark naked before he called neighbours to catch a glimpse of the bedroom intruder,” said the source.

The matter was reported to village head Phenias Charisegera.

“I was notified that Samson Zaranyika caught his wife Nyarai Moyo and Lamusi Charisegera having sex in their matrimonial bedroom. He hit him several times with a log resulting in him fracturing his left leg. The matter is now in the hands of the police,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko were fruitless.

The undercover lover Lamusi  Charisegera said he was not aware she was married.

“I didn’t know that she was a married woman and we have been seeing each other for quite some time. So l was shocked when she told me that I have to go as her husband was knocking on the door.”

Efforts to a get a comment from Zaranyika hit a snag and Moyo refused to comment.

“Who told you about that? I can’t say anything,” said Moyo.