Olinda HIV status: Stunner takes dig at Tytan

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CONTROVERSIAL rapper and socialite Desmond Chideme, popularly known as Stunner, has revealed he is negative from HIV.

This follows claims his ex-wife, Olinda Chapel was HIV positive.

Her HIV status was revealed by Tytan, Olinda’s current but now estranged husband, during a live TV programme in the Rumbidzai Show.

However, Stunner seemed to take a dig at Tytan for making the revelations.

In an Instagram video Stunner posted he said: “Kana usisade relationship wangu ingobuda wakarova road wakananga kumba (if you fed up with a love relationship, just exit quietly),” said Stunner, referring to Tytan who caused unrest on social media when he revealed the United Kingdom based socialite’s medical condition.

In the video, Stunner is seen holding an HIV testing device to prove he was HIV negative.

Stunner stated: “My name keeps being dragged mumahumbwe evamwe (into the mire) and for the longest time you (Olinda) and I fought silently, hard and well to be where we are now from that time I spiritually fell up to when I found happiness.

“MY health status is no secret, I have done and posted results years after that ordeal and I’m a frequent blood donor. I’m HIV NEGATIVE,” wrote Stunner. – Newzim