Nudes haunt married woman

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HORROR in the phone!

She is struggling to erase memories of her rival’s private parts pictures which she found in her husband’s phone.
Even after warning the girlfriend to stop sending her nude pictures, she continued and it is tormenting her.

Zandisiwe Sibanda is reportedly being haunted by explicit pictures which she found in her husband Takaidza Siziba’s phone being sent by Dzidzai Plaxedes Tomu.

Tomu sent the pictures to her married lover inviting him for the goodies at her house, but unfortunately they landed in the wrong hands.

Sibanda phoned and told her to stop sending nude pictures to a married man, but her orders fell on deaf ears as she continued.

According to a reliable source, the nude pictures caused serious problems to the couple as on the other hand Siziba was defending his girlfriend and refused to report her to police.

“When Sibanda opened her husband’s WhatsApp messages, she discovered that Tomu was busy sending him nude pictures.

“She then phoned and introduced herself to the woman telling her to stop communicating with her husband, but she never listened and it became worse.

“She then advised her husband to report the matter to police since he claimed the woman was just being funny by sending him nude pictures. He also refused to take action.”

Sibanda confirmed that her marriage is on the rocks following Tomu’s habit of sending her private parts pictures.

“Even after telling her that Siziba was a married man, she continued sending her private parts pictures and its stressing me,” said Sibanda.

Tomu also admitted to sending the nudes saying, “I sent the pictures after Siziba had sent me his too. Anyway at first I was not aware he was a married man.

“I am no longer interested in Siziba, but he is the one coming after me.”

Siziba refused to divulge much saying, “We sorted out that issue.”