Man stalks brother’s wife

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A MUTARE widow has dragged her late husband’s brother to the Mutare Civil Courts accusing him of stalking, assaulting and breaching her peace to the extent that she now fears for her life.

Beaular Mukono told the court that her brother-in-law Elliot Mukono denies her space to live peacefully as he snoops on her and assaults her daily.

The pair appeared before Mutate magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo, who granted the applicant the protection order on last Thursday.

The granted order bars Elliot from assaulting, insulting, harassing and breaching Beaular’s peace in the next five years.

Elliot consented to the issuance of the protection order.

In her application, Beaular said Elliot is in the habit of assaulting her and her minor children for no reason.

“Your Worship, I have no peace in my life. Maybe it is because I married his late brother when he had other plans for him. This man does not give me any space and peace. I now fear for my life because I do not know what he will be planning in his mind.

“He assaults me ruthlessly. He assaults me and my minor children willy-nilly. I do not know where his hate of us stems from. He never acted in this manner when his brother was still alive,” narrated the widow.

She said Elliot also follows her everywhere.

“Knowing that someone is following and watching you everywhere you go is frightening.

“I do not know what he might end up doing to me. That is the life I have been subjected to since the death of my husband.

“Instead of looking after his late brother’s family, he stalks and treats me like an intruder in the family. I fear that he might end up killing me because he is all over me. I beg that the court orders him to stop following and assaulting me,” she pleaded.

Beaular also prayed that Elliot be barred from visiting her house, claiming all his visits end in her being assaulted.

“My children and I are always crying as there is no peace at our home because of this man,” she said.

Elliot did not dispute what Beaular had told the court.

However, he did not give any reason on why he stalks and assaults her.

“By consent, you will not assault or insult this woman. If you harass or disturb her peace in the next five years you will be apprehended by the police and be prosecuted for contempt of court. Just be careful with how you treat her as long as this protection order is valid,” warned Ms Gumbo as she granted the order. – Manica Post