Man see his ‘dead’ wife with another man in Bulawayo

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A man from the Eastern Highlands region of Manicaland by the name of Trevor Sakuchera caused a lot of traffic yesterday along 3rd Street Avenue in BULAWAYO when he saw his dead wife walking with another man.

Sakuchera said he came to Bulawayo yesterday and decided to move around to see how the city of Kings and Queens looks like. He was walking along Bulawayo’s 3rd Street Avenue when he stumbled on his wife that died 3yrs ago in his Manicaland home town.

According to him, “my wife died of asthma 3yrs ago and had since been buried but am surprised to see her with a man strolling along the road. At first I hesitated, then I summoned courage and called her by name; she turned, looked at me and disappeared”.
The man who was strolling with her fainted twice. After he was resuscitated, he narrated his story on how he had lived with her for more than a year, he also said they met in the market and he later proposed to her and she accepted.

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