Man red-carded for refusing to share phone

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A woman from Bulawayo’s Nkulumane suburb has chosen to part ways with her husband because he denies her access to his phone.

Prisca and Thembani Ndlovu have been legally married for a couple of years, but the husband does not want to share his phone which has caused serious problems in their marriage.

Prisca made it clear that she wants her husband to move out of her parents’ home where they have been staying since the time they got married because he was an irresponsible man who at times beat her up.

“He does not want me to touch his phone because it contains information about his girlfriends whom he at times brings to my parents’ house where we stay.

“I am applying for a peace order against him and want him to vacate the house. Whenever we have misunderstandings over the phone, he assaults me with a knobkerrie or fists,” said Prisca.

She also revealed that she was fed up with the man’s bad habits of stealing her money and selling property without her approval.

“We are legally married, but at one time he left me to stay with a certain woman. He then returned and took my car which he uses as a pirate taxi. What pains me most is that he is always with his girlfriend in my car,” she said, trying hard to justify why she wants the man out of their home.

In response, the husband never disputed the allegations but confirmed he had a girlfriend.

“The reason I see other women is that she refuses to have sex with me. She is telling lies, I never assaulted her with a knobkerrie, but she got injured while wrestling for my phone.”

The presiding magistrate Stephen Ndlovu granted an interim order and recommended that the couple goes for counselling.