Lady overjoyed, blindfolded as husband surprises her with car gift on birthday

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A Bulawayo businessman recently left his wife, Kundai stunned by gifting her a brand new car celebrating the birth of their baby girl.

The surprise, captured on video, has since gone viral, captivating viewers with the genuine joy and emotion that unfolded.


While Kundai was glowing in the aftermath of childbirth and celebrating the new edition to the family, her husband, Blessing Zhou orchestrated this most unforgettable surprise.

The video shows the husband arriving at the aports fields at local leisure center, Smoke House in the dazzling BMW 320d F30 adorned with celebratory ribbons and a custom license plate with the name Amai Gabby.

A white carpet was elegantly rolled out, setting the stage for the grand reveal.

As Zhou, a notable forex trader and businessmen who runs Zhou Forex Academy pulled up to the Smoke House fields with the blindfolded Kundai while her curious friends were gathered outside to witness the spectacle.

The sheer astonishment on Kundai’s face was evident as the blindfold was removed she spotted the vehicle.

Overwhelmed with excitement, she couldn’t contain her emotions, running towards the surprise that awaited her.

Upon reaching the vehicle, Kundai’s joy overflowed, and she expressed her gratitude by hugging the bonnet of her new ride before kissing the love of her life.

Tears welled up in her eyes as the significance of the moment sank in.

The husband, popilarly known as Father Abraham of the forex trade, clearly delighted with the success of his surprise, joined his wife for a warm embrace, sealing the emotional moment.

To top off the day, the self-made forex trade guru flew in renowned Harare saxophonist, Denilson Musekiwa who serenaded the Zhous as they enjoyed the moment. This was Denilson’s very first performance in the city of Kigs and Queens who became prominent after performances for renowned celebrities including Harare businessman, Scott Sakupwanya among others. – B-Metro