Jackie Ngarande denies affair with Prof Mthuli Ncube

Jacqueline Tinovimba Ngarande
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Zimbabwe socialite Jackie Ngarande has issued a statement after rogue figures hiding behind shadowy social media accounts alleged that she was bedding the country’s Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube.

The allegations said Ncube was buying cars and houses with tax payers’ money so that he can have bedroom gymnastics with the vivacious Harare girl.

Ncube is reported to have demanded an explanation from Jackie following the leak.  There was more buzz on the issue on April 1 when a Zimbabwe based publication claimed that Mthuli Ncube and Jackie Ngarande had been caught red-handed by the Minister’s wife after she made a surprise visit using a chartered private plane. The article that appeared on April Fools Day has since been deleted.

But Jackie is now saying enough is enough and she has issued the statement below to set the record straight.

See below:

6 April 2020

Ref: Jacqueline Tinovimbika Ngarande Press Statement For Immediate release.

This press statement is with reference to news stories that widely circulated on social media and online publications concerning an alleged relationship/affair between myself and a certain minister of the Government of Zimbabwe.

These allegations are malicious, unfounded and an attempt to damage my image and reputation and also to tarnish the image and reputation of all those mentioned in the stories including my long time friend Miss P Nare. I do not have have a relationship with the said minister either personally or professionally, and like any other citizen of Zimbabwe, I have only read about him in the newspapers due to the nature of his work.

I would like to urge the purveyors of these falsehoods to desist from such hideous acts as they negatively impact on families. They strain relationships and in the process destroy careers. I have since sought legal advice from my lawyers concerning this unfortunate incident with a view to stop the circulation of such hurtful lies and to bring the perpetrators of fake news to book.

Yours Sincerely

Jacqueline Tinovimbika Ngarande