There are certain situations that aren’t fixable and this varies per couple. If the problem occurs again and again there really is no hope and a second chance should definitely not be on the cards.

Did he apologise?

An apology without meaning is the same as no apology at all. If he takes notice of his faults and admits to them then you could possibly give him a second chance to prove himself. A change in behaviour is also required as there’s only so many second chances you can give.

You were both at fault

Sometimes after taking time to reassess the situation you might realise that as much you want to blame your partner, you’re partly a part of the problem as well. This can give you a chance to work on the problem together to avoid repeating it again.

He doesn’t own up

The least he can do is own up to his mistakes and if he constantly wants to turn this on you, you might want to consider moving on. By doing this he’s only trying to manipulate you, don’t let him.

It affects your confidence

At times you fall in love at the wrong time with the wrong person but you only get to realise this at a later stage of the relationship. Your instincts will let you know that the person you’re with is wrong for you. Ignoring your gut feeling will only make things worse by killing your confidence in the long run.

Lack of respect

Respect goes both ways, you can’t give what you aren’t getting in return. Second chances are earned and if he continues mistreating you there’s no chance that he’ll change to be a better man. -W24