Fight over hubby’s car keys

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TWO Penhalonga women applied for counter peace orders over their several misunderstandings, including the possession of their husband’s car keys.

The binding peace orders were granted in favour of both parties and each of them was ordered not to harass, insult, assault, threaten, or visit the other party’s place of residence with the intention of disturbing peace.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato presided over the matter in which Panashe Makosi and Nyaradzo Muvhute were applying for peace orders against each other.

Makosi, who refused to be called the junior wife, said Muvhute is disturbing her peace with her husband, Zvikomborero Nhidza, as she harasses her whenever she sees her walking with the man.

“The other day, I asked my husband to take me and our child to the clinic and on our way there, Muvhute approached us and ordered our husband to go back home,” said Makosi.

She also said Muvhute is in the habit of approaching her place of residence, where she stays with her mother, to harass everyone.

However, Muvhute denied all the allegations and said she is the senior wife as she started staying with Nhidza on June 12, 2021; way before Makosi came into the picture.

“She is lying that she is the first wife. My husband and I separated sometime ago when I had gotten wind of her affair with my husband. I left for my parents’ house. My husband later followed and pleaded with me to return to our matrimonial home,” said Muvhute.

She said Makosi is the one who is in the habit or harassing her with the help of her mother and sister.

“She and her mother are the ones who are always harassing me. At one point they attacked me with bottles over my husband’s car keys. They had confiscated the keys and were telling me that the car was bought during her stay with my husband.

“Your Honour, when our husband fell ill, my mother-in-law and I consulted a spiritual healer and we were told that Makosi overdosed our husband with a love portion.

“I do not even know where she stays. She is the one who always come to my shop with her mother to cause havoc. They are facing an assault case at the criminal court. I am always in and out of court because of them and I am sick and tired of this,” said Muvhute.

The protection orders were granted and are valid for a year.