When potential spouses propose, they often go the extra mile to impress the woman and convince her that getting married is ideal. But what happens when the proposal is not enthusiastic or when you’re just not willing to get married even though you are still on good terms.

1-        A Reddit user shared the reason she called off her engagement.

“We’ve been living together for three years, and his proposal was something like ‘I guess you wanna get married’, he acted like he would do something special after that but he never did (sec),”  the user says.

From then onwards, things went downhill for the couple.

“He cheated while he had been working out of state. He finally moved out, it was really hard despite that it was a good thing. I knew he would be married within a year and he was. Someone was dumb enough to marry and have kids with him and he’s still a drunk who blows his paycheck at the bar every week. I’m just glad that it’s not my problem anymore,” she concluded.

Other Reddit women shared why they called off their engagements:

2-         Another user said her reason for calling off her engagement was the secret texts she had found on her husband-to-be’s phone. “I caught him telling another woman that he was thinking about breaking up with me, after we had a long night of passionate sex.”

3-         This user thought she was ready, however she figured later that she wasn’t. She shares, “We talked about moving in together. We went to look at one apartment, we got a copy, then somehow, it just happened – we were signing the lease the next week. We talked about maybe looking at rings, then he was on one knee, we were living together, how could I possibly say No?”

She says she said ‘yes’, however realised that it was not what she wanted and that it was just convenient. “Now? I’m living with a man I hope to have the privilege of one day marrying. If you worry it’s not good enough, enough to start a fire in your heart, it’s not good enough,” she says.

4-        We never talk about it, but maturity is often a matter of age and not just character. This user shared that her age was what broke her engagement off. “I knew I had to call off the engagement when I realised that we were far too young. I was 19 and he was 21. At the time I was really sad but now I see it really was for the best”

5-         Cheating is one of the biggest causes of break-ups, from relationships to engagements and marriages. This reddit user experienced it and found an extra human that came with the news. “I found out he cheated on me with a waitress, lied about having a kid,” she says.

6-         Sometimes realising you are not ready does not mean having an argument first, this user shares what asking for advice meant for her engagement. This woman planned to post a social media question asking others to tell her what the signs are to know if her relationship had reached its sell-by date and she got an ‘aha’ moment.

“Before I submitted my post I stopped and thought, ‘just posting this means I know it’s over’, move on,” she says.

Source: RedditBest Life