Elderly Couple Weds After 35 Years Of Separation

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An elderly couple that had been separated for 35 years tied the knot on Thursday at the Magistrate’s Court in Bulawayo.

James (78) and Catherine (73) Ndlovu said they fell in love in the 1970s but separated due to interference from family members and friends.

The two worked at different companies but were in constant touch during the three-and-a-half decades of separation.

Just two months ago, James suggested that they should solidify their union through marriage. He told the Chronicle:

We have always been in love. We separated for 35 years due to complications driven by family and friends but here we are today. We love each other and nothing can stand in the way of love.

Our story is unique and we really and are madly and deeply in love with each other.

At our age, many people may think of us as senile but we are fulfilling a promise we made to each other years ago.

We do not have much time on earth and want to spend the rest of our lives embraced in each other’s warm and loving embrace.

The couple has two children together and are grandparents to four grandchildren. Said Catherine:

During our separation, we always used to see each other. We lived in the same neighbourhood.

Our children when we were on separation vowed to get us back together because whenever they would visit the other parent felt the loneliness and huge void.

Soon after the wedding family and friends gathered at Playville Planet for cake and meal.

The couple then departed for their destination and honeymoon at their home in Greenlands along Bulawayo-Harare Road. Added Catherine:

Our family arranged everything and they made me feel like an 18-year-old bride, which is something I have never felt before.

James cautioned young people not to rush into marriage before getting to know one another. He said:

This is the reason why you find there is so much anger and hatred among the youth because they do not know each other.

Let love lead and love one another. Nothing can stand in the way of love.

In Zimbabwe, white weddings are held in high regard but they are preceded by roora ceremony, which is a traditional practice of paying a bride price to the bride’s family by the groom’s family.

In recent years, Zimbabwean couples have generally been shying away from the Western white dress, choosing to infuse traditional themes into their outfits instead.

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