Cheating wife wants husband back

Sheilla Nhika
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A CHEATING woman threatened her husband with death if he did not forgive her.

Despite sleeping around, Sheilla Nhika said her husband Godwin Chikabida is all that she has.

But Chikabida whose heart has been broken more than once opted to move out of the matrimonial home to live with a friend, shutting out the possibility of reconciling with Nhika.

While Nhika is still pressing ahead trying to get her husband back, Chikabida has since approached the courts seeking a protection order.

“Nhika comes to my workplace threatening to commit suicide and kill me as well. On 8 June she came to my home threatening to kill herself by drinking a poisonous substance.

“I’m now living in fear and she has caused problems at my workplace. My supervisor is threatening to fire me due to her threats,” said Chikabida in court.

Chikabida also revealed that since they were customarily married, he tried to give the woman a divorce token, but her family refused.

Nhika dismissed the allegations, but Chikabida produced their WhatsApp chats as proof.

The presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure granted the protection order in his favour and Nhika was ordered not to abuse or threaten him in anyway. – B-Metro