Bishop beds nephew’s wife

Busyman Mhandu in white left and Rungano Manenji
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A SELF-PROCLAIMED bishop with an Apostolic sect in Bulawayo was disgraced by his nephew who allegedly caught him naked in bed with his wife in the latter’s matrimonial bedroom.

The married man-of-God Rungano Manenji from Entumbane suburb apologised to his nephew Busyman Mhandu after he allegedly caught him busy with his wife on his matrimonial bed.

In a desperate bid to buy his silence, Manenji reportedly promised to pay him $30 as compensation for sleeping with his wife. This was after Mhandu returned home unexpectedly and caught the pair in bed.

Mhandu, who said he was devastated after he walked in on his uncle having quality time with his wife decided to shame him at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Manenji was suing him for disturbing his peace.

“Busyman Mhandu is my nephew and is in the habit of harassing me. We are both vendors and he is jealous of me.

As a result of his jealousy he is always harassing me saying he was the first one to come to town so I must dance to his tune.

“He is also insulting me with vulgar language while threatening to make a false report against me that I raped his sister-in-law,” complained Manenji.

In response Mhandu said his uncle was the one who disturbed his peace by allegedly bonking his wife.

He said Manenji’s application for a peace order was a mere scheme to stop him from demanding the money he promised to pay him after he busted him naked in bed with his wife.

“It is not true that I am disturbing his peace. He is the one who disturbed my peace after I caught him red-handed naked in bed with my wife. After that he apologised and promised to pay me $30 so that I would not report him to the police.

“He even a signed a paper in the presence of relatives in which he admitted that I caught him with my wife and is going to pay damages for sleeping with her. His application for a peace order is just a way to stop me from demanding the money he promised to pay me.

“It’s a pity that my uncle is going around calling himself a bishop yet he is in the habit of bedding married women,” said Mhandu.

He said the discovery was very devastating for him adding that it was an experience that he would never forget.

In his ruling the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya ordered Mhandu not to physically, verbally and emotionally abuse his uncle.

The magistrate advised Mhandu to approach the small claims court if he wanted his uncle to honour the pledge he made after he caught him naked in bed with his wife.