Bev’s marriage collapse

Chambuka Mufudzi Beverly Sibanda wedding
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CONTROVERSIAL Zimbabwe dancer Beverly Sibanda’s marriage is in trouble after her United Kingdom based husband doctor Melusi Mufudzi Chambuka posted on social media accusing Bev of using other men to steal money from him.

Said Dr Chambuka:

“When wife lies to you using another man to steal from family account surely nokuti Zuze akaba chingwa chevarungu and horomori inot*ndira mutsime. Single it’s better!”

The post seems to have been privatized now, but the screenshot has already been taken and shared online.
Bev shocked many after she pulled up a surprise court wedding with Chambuka, despite not having sharing their romance and courtship online as is the norm with most celebs.

Despite it being a low profile relationship, Bev’s manager, Harpers Mapimhidze said the two had done the whole marriage thing by the book. He revealed that Chambuka even paid lobola to Bev’s family.

Harpers said the whole affair was kept private because airing out all your business to the public is not a good thing, it could have jeopardized the relationship.

The reason they had a quick wedding was because Chambuka needed to file the paperwork before returning to his base in the UK.

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