Acie Lumumba goes toe-to-toe with his ex

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Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg or whatever the you call your retarded cockalorum frog face. It’s normally funny when it’s just & me sparring but you don’t touch my family you misery brain.

1. I have never met you, you deluded idiot. I do however will find where your people live, they shall tell you we met.

2. I find you disgusting like most people, not because you are transgender but because you are filth. You look and behave like filth, urimbwa, bingo chaiye.

3. You may find it entertaining to talk mess out your mouth because your head is full of it, please mark these words. I am going to get to you and you will apologize. Ndichakubata chete chimuroyi.

4. Your family is disgraced by you, so is every Zimbabwean, but they watch you to see what losing your marbles look like. Mwana wa Satan musatanyoko.

5. You brag about living in a foreign land and being able to have sex with many men. Good for you. I’m sure you get the applause you need. Me, I see an ape . Uri gudo, face, body, brain. Gudolicious ndozita rako chairo.

At least you are man & woman so you can practice safe sex and f*ck yourself. Do you know what a “ponce” is? That’s what you are. What kind of a damaged brain only thinks sperm and vulgar? You sperm brain.

Your desperation, Ko wadi kuzvisungirira? You are the definition of kushata, wakashata uri murume, same same uri mukadzi, uri chishato chenyika. Muviri unenge bhazi unobatwa pai nhai iwe imbwa iwe? Uchibatirweiko?

In other words, you are a piece of worthless sh*t that takes pride is obnoxious language and behavior but really you are a pig. No one loves you. No one. Let that sink in. You are not worth loving because you are a worthless imbecile. There is nothing you can do to give you worth. Worthless.

I want you read this and let it register. You are worthless. It gives you feel good to talk about people above you, spit on your face you prick. Kushata kunge chiweti chemombe.

Background: Tatelicious over the weekend made some allegations as she (or he?) leaked chats of her (or his?) and businessman and socialite Acie Lumumba claiming they had a 3-year romantic affair.

Tatelicious leaked the chats on her Facebook account, and now Acie has replied in the statement above.