It can go either way. They might love and treat you as their own or give you a hard time. Here are common mishaps most couples go through regarding their families.

How to raise your children

Every parent has their own way of raising their children. This however usually poses a challenge to the in-laws because they end up feeling rejected when you chose to use your own techniques.

Trying to get you on their side

There are times where your partner will have a dispute with his family and in most cases you’ll find yourself in the middle. As much as you agree with your in-laws you don’t want to seem unsupportive to your man.

Gifts that come with favors

When you’re in a committed relationship, particularly married both your families are at liberty to assist you with any challenge that you come across. For instance, your parents might borrow you their car while yours is getting fixed, in return they’ll expect you to drive them whenever they ask.

Who’s hosting this holiday?

Families generally believe that the holiday season is for spending time with your loved ones, including your in-laws. This however doesn’t mean everyone enjoys it. At times couples just want to spend certain holidays alone without family and usually in-laws don’t take this lightly. If you’re absent during Christmas or Easter holidays you’re automatically seen as rude and antisocial.

Ways to upkeep your home

When the in-laws are coming over, one of the first things to do is to a thorough a spring clean because you know they won’t hold back on the criticism. But, it seems no matter how many times you scrub the floor; the mother in-law will always have something negative to say.

The in-law battle

Bear in mind that both your parents as a couple might not get along from the get go. So collectively you have to find a way to include them equally in your lives without making the other feel inferior. This is a challenge on it’s own because you could end up having to take sides.   – W24