Bring back the spark into your relationship by replacing social media with date night. Instead of checking your phone every seconds, use that time to catch up and bond. Scrolling through social media after having sex has become the norm in most relationships. According to relationship expert, Lisa Firestone this is the root of many relationship problems. She suggests that for you to see change you need to practice basking in the afterglow of love making as opposed to the glow of your device screens.

Ask before posting

Remember a relationship is a two way street, while you may find it romantic to post a picture of you two kissing, your partner might not. Have the ‘social media conversation’ in order to understand what’s acceptable and what’s off limits. While some may argue that sharing your love for each other on social media is no harm, remember the number of posts shared don’t determine the success of your relationship.

Would you do it in person?

A lot of us believe social media is fun and harmless however using it incorrectly can ruin a relationship. Posted messages can be easily taken out of context so before commenting on your ex’s posts think what effect it may have on your relationship. Should your partner see it will it cause any problems or if the tables were turned would you just let it slide? Asking yourself these questions will save you a lot of drama and unnecesary fights.

Address problems as they come

One can never be too careful when it comes to social media. In one way or the other someone is going to unintentionally hurt the other. Know that you or your partner may sometimes not be aware of the consequences of your actions. For instance  your partner might still have pictures of his ex in his profile, try finding the reason behind this and later offer a solution that will work for the both of you.