Zimbabwe ruling party wallowing in US human rights shame

Victor Matemadanda
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ZANU PF National Political Commissar Victor Matemadanda has on called opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to ring United States President Donald Trump and order him to stop human rights violations in America.

There are widespread wildcat demonstrations in the US following the brutal assault and killing of  African-American citizen, George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota last week.

However, speaking to the media Monday, Matemadanda said Chamisa had the power to stop the disturbances going-on in the US “as he was close to Trump”.

“Some boy (Chamisa) always wants to say ‘Am a phone call away from Trump’. Can he call Trump and tell him to stop killing Africans? Let him do it for us so that we know we have a big brother here who can tell Trump to be morally correct,” said Matemadanda tongue-in-cheek.

“Let us hear Chamisa today talking to the US about the butchering of black America.”

Matemadanda, who doubles as Deputy Defence Minister, also castigated local human rights groups for allegedly not coming out in public and denouncing the killing of Floyd.

“We know most of our brothers and sisters think they are friends of Americans. It’s a pity!

“All we have are people that know that they pretend they are champions for human rights. Let us hear them talk about this American brutality. Let us hear those in the opposition, so-called civic organisations condemning America.

“They have no moral right to talk about justice, rule of law, about civilisation.”

Matemadanda also demanded that economic sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe by the West and the US nearly 20 years ago should be immediately lifted. The restrictive measures were imposed on Zimbabwe because of its bad human rights record.

“They must lift the sanctions and if they don’t, then they must not tell us they stand for justice. They stand for human slaughter.

“Can America give us one example of a person who was man-slaughtered by a uniformed police officer (in Zimbabwe) in daylight when other people are passing-by like he is killing a snake? The American system can go hang.

“No Zimbabwean has asked for an inch of land in America. Why do they want our land? Why do they punish us for repossessing our land?”

However, across town, and at the same time, Matemadanda’s fellow senior Zanu PF official and Foreign Affairs Minister, Sibusiso Moyo, was meeting US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols where he distanced Harare from the demonstrations.

Moyo said Zimbabwe respected sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of member states.

“I informed the ambassador that Zimbabwe seeks a normal, cooperative relationship with the US-based on mutual understanding, mutual respect, and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs,” said Moyo after the meeting.