Zimbabwe founding opposition member says some abductions claims are false

Sekai Holland
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Opposition MDC founding member, Sekai Holland has claimed that some abduction reports were not genuine. She also said the purported abductions served to destroy fragile peace in the country.

Her remarks come when there have been widespread reports that some members of the MDC and human rights defenders were being abducted and tortured.

The former Co-Minister of State for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration during the inclusive Government’ remarks are in sync with the stance which the government has taken.

In a statement on Sunday, Holland who is National Peace Trust (NPT) board of trustees chairperson said:

The National Peace Trust notes with concern statements coming from some quarters of the diplomatic community, civil society and political players on the situation in Zimbabwe.

Some of these statements border on falsehoods, misinformation and outright malice and have the potential to further derail current fragile multiple peacebuilding initiatives in Zimbabwe, a new and healthy feature which the NPT treasure, after the 52 years of Zimbabweans fear of one another and the painful silence our society has endured.

Her remarks also come when the international community and human rights activists have widely and wildly condemned the abductions.

Some of the people who were reportedly abducted sustained broken legs, fractured hands and several other injuries.

The abductions were intense days before the MDC demonstrations which were scheduled to begin on the 16th of August in Harare before they would go to other provinces.

Some analysts then concluded that it was the State abducting people so as to scare off the general populace against participating in the protests which the police blocked.

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