Zanu PF says unmoved by Chamisa’s crowd

Chris Mutsvangwa
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HARARE – The beleaguered ruling party ZANU PF says it is unmoved by the entrance of Mr Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) faction of the opposition into the political fray because the ruling party is confident of its massive appeal to millions of Zimbabweans.

This was said by Zanu PF national spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa while responding to assertions in some sections that the ruling party was employing tactics to frustrate the CCC rally scheduled for today.

“The issue of the size of the crowd is neither here or there. A rally attendance is not a voting booth. A rally in a particular place is definitely not an arbiter of total national power dispensation,” said Mutsvangwa.

“What would be of concern is the deep chasm of mistrust and the questionable loyalty of the MDC-Chamisa Chete Chete personalised political outfit to the Zimbabwe State.

“Here it needs to be recalled that the state of free Zimbabwe is two decades older than the later arrivist MDC-CCC opposition. This is an issue the late (Morgan) Tsvangirai (the late MDC president) was finally grappling with as he matured in national statecraft.”

Mutsvangwa said the CCC had unresolved issues of law and order as it was ready to employ violence as an instrument of regime change, supported by the West.

“I know because we discussed this crucial issue in Four Ways as we forged an alliance to unseat the G40 Mugabeist clique towards November 2017.

“The violent succession scenes at Tsvangirai funeral as Chamisa wrestled power are all etched in the Zimbabwe psyche.

“Chamisa and Biti personally embraced and wave ZDERA and other western sanctions to help drive this subversive agenda against the Zimbabwe state.

Mutsvangwa said it was shameful for the opposition party to refuse to accept defeat in national elections as long as they were not announced the winners. He said subversion of the State was in Mr Chamisa outfit’s DNA.

“Even when the pupated MDC-CCC tasted governance in urban areas, they never bothered with civic responsibilities arising from the vote. Their singular focus was how to seize power at State House by hook or crook. They are apostles of the American self-styled colour or maiden uprisings.

“The state of free Zimbabwe predates the formation of the MDC-CCC political party.

He added: “Chamisa must renounce the badge of puppetry as an agent of sinister and hegemonic elites who hanker for the neo-colonial control of Zimbabwe.

“Maybe he could finally build trust with the ZRP and other arms of the state. That would be a harbinger for a new dawn in the democratic journey of Zimbabwe.”