Zanu PF are hypocrites, says MDC Alliance

MDC president Professor Welshman Ncube
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BULAWAYO – The MDC Alliance has said there is need for the ruling Zanu PF to search its conscience in the way they operate as they have for decades now proved to be hypocrites.

This, the Alliance said, was proven by the recent development where the ruling party made nationwide resolutions in support of the expulsion of the then vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa and soon after that, they made nationwide resolutions in support of Robert Mugabe’s departure.

“It is for Zanu PF to search its conscience and do the right thing. It is not for me or the MDC Alliance to tell them what the right thing is,” MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube told the Southern News.

“We can only remind them that we are here because in the past indeed up to as recently as yesterday they appear to continue to act hypocritically. Why do I say that, Zanu PF Bulawayo province barely after 13 days was hysterical, passing resolutions that Mnangagwa has offended everything the party knows and he must be dismissed.

“All the ten provinces went around and passed that resolution. Mugabe acted pursuant to those resolutions. They have had a Damascene moment and without even changing a single woman or man in their composition they are singing the opposite,” Ncube said.

He said political parties should be custodians of democracy and the people’s will, adding that they must not be used for dictatorial tendencies by individuals.

“Political parties must be able to be deliberative and be able to engage, be able to debate, to analyse and be able to come up with informed conclusions, not to be an instrument available at the behest of whoever wields power to tell them what democracy is. You are not a political party; you are actually a danger to democracy if that is how you act,” said Ncube. – Daily News