Zanu PF to gobble $8m on sloganeering Congress

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ZANU-PF yesterday launched a massive resource mobilisation campaign to raise $8 million for its Extraordinary National People’s Congress to be held in December.

The major highlight of the Extra-ordinary National People’s Congress is the reaffirmation of President Mugabe as the party’s candidate for next year’s harmonised elections and to rally party structures on the importance of winning the polls.

Zanu-PF finance secretary Obert Mpofu, who is also the chairperson of the fund raising committee, yesterday announced the budget needed for the Extraordinary National People’s Congress, which is coming before the regular National People’s Congress due in 2019.

Mpofu said he was convinced that they would be able to raise the $8 million on time to host a successful event.

“We always appeal to our stakeholders, our well-wishers, for support when we have a major function like that of a Congress or a conference,” he said. “The party, as you all know, has always embarked on a resource mobilisation campaign towards raising funds for the Extraordinary Congress.

“The party is supposed to raise at least $8 million through its fund raising efforts and these will cover the following areas: We will be requesting provinces to make their contributions of $100 000 towards this important development and we will also be expected to donate in kind.

“We are expecting food stuffs and other related items to be brought by the provinces, including meat or cattle. We also provided for leadership contributions. This is a normal thing we do each time we embark on a programme of this nature.”

Mpofu said all donations of contributions should be made through the party’s account.

Said Mpofu: “We have received a lot of complaints from well-wishers about people who have been using the party to raise funds and advising that these funds should be deposited into accounts which are not party accounts.

“But again, I want to thank you colleagues for your usual support and want to assure you that all your contributions will be accounted for. I am appealing to all well-wishers who are here and those outside in the private sector, public sector and from individuals who have supported party activities in the manner they have supported.

“We expect quite a big number of delegates since now the conference has been turned into an Extraordinary Congress. There have been a lot of invited guests within and outside the country, making the number a bit higher than that has been projected.”

Mpofu said the fund raising committee had lined up several activities to meet the target of $8 million.

He said they would also approach individual companies as part of their fund raising initiatives.

“We have lined up some functions which will see us organising a dinner function which we have always done,” he said.

“We also have some raffle activities where tickets are currently being sold. The raffle will be conducted at the Congress.

“We have well-wishers that have donated vehicles, tractors and other implements relating to those donations that will be won and the exhibition.

“We will be having some companies (at the exhibition) and we are overwhelmed (because) most companies want to exhibit during the Congress.

“We will be talking to individual companies or individuals for their support. As a mass party, we are convinced that the generality of people, including companies, will support this worthy cause.” – Herald