Use of MDC Alliance name likely to trigger recalls –Analysts

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HARARE – Confusion is reigning supreme in opposition political circles over the use of name ‘MDC Alliance’ in the forthcoming by-elections, with two political formations using the same name.

Zimbabwe is heading for by-elections in March this year, triggering a row between MDC-T led by Senator Douglas Mwonzora and the other outfit led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa amid indications that they intend to contest under the MDC Alliance banner.

Political analyst and researcher Mr Gibson Nyikadzino says the confusion though not alien to the MDC, is likely to benefit other political parties contesting the polls.

“The fight for the name was settled by the courts and what is happening a fight of egos but definitely its victory to other political parties in the race,” he said.

Another political analyst Dr Tawanda Zinyama noted that the MDC Alliance name row might trigger another wave of recalls from parliament.

“The courts clearly settled the issue by saying MDC-T led by Mwonzora is legitimately the owners of the name. Let’s come to by-elections, Mwonzora has the mandate to use the name, but MDC Chamisa will find it difficult and using MDC-A will also trigger recalls. Considering that there is little time until the 26th March by-elections, so it’s going to be confusion even to the electorate. You can’t have two members in the house of assembly belong to two different names.”

While other political parties are ready for the by-elections, the MDC formation led by Nelson Chamisa is yet to come clear on the issue of the party’s name despite having been at the forefront of calling for the proclamation of by-election dates. – ZBC