Sikhala divides CCC from prison

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Some members of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) have come out guns blazing against their perceived neglect of the party’s Vice Chairperson, Job Sikhala as demonstrated through a food hamper donated to the legislator’s family during the festive season. Members of the party who spoke to this publication in confidence dragged their party leader through hot ash accusing him of having donated a measly grocery hamper to Sikhala’s family scoffing it off as not having cost more than US$20.

“VaSikhala has a very huge family and for us as a party to donate such few items asingakwane chero a bachelor is utter rubbish”, charged one of the members. The members further attacked the party’s Secretary for Public Service and Social Welfare, Maureen Kademaunga for being insensitive to Sikhala and his family. “How can an entire party donate such few items? This is really shocking. A whole Welfare Department kuita meeting yekuunganidza ka hamper kenzara kudaro. Kademaunga should be serious and desist from abusing her position like that” added the party member.

Another section of the CCC stated that they were not amused by their party leader, Nelson Chamisa’s approval of the hamper given to Sikhala’s family.

The members charged that Mr Chamisa’s approval of the small grocery hamper did not augur well for the party’s leader whose religious standing should be consistent with values of empathy towards the needy. They further registered disdain with Mr Chamisa for stating that his hands were tied when dealing with the incarceration of Mr Sikhala.

The same sentiments were echoed by one party member based in the United Kingdom (UK), Bekithemba Nkomo who accused the party leadership of neglecting Sikhala. “One of our own is languishing in remand prison. He is being punished for fighting for our sacred cause. But what do we do? We neglect him at the biggest time of need. We in the diaspora would want to chip in but we have noticed that those around our leader habitually divert donations from the diaspora to their own selfish use”, said Nkomo.

Kademaunga’s phone was unreachable when this publication attempted to get a comment from her. Meanwhile, Sikhala’s trial has been deferred to January 3, 2023.

Source – Byo24