Rolls Royce calls for a First Family lifestyle audit: Opposition parties

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THE proposed government life style audit should start with the First Family as its money-not-an-object expenditures do not tally with economic realities of the country, opposition parties have said.

The remarks have been prompted by the claimed acquisition of the Rolls Royce worth around $300,000 by Russell Goreraza, first son to First Lady Grace Mugabe and ex-husband Stanley Goreraza.

National spokesperson for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Jacob Mafume said the expensive life style of President Robert Mugabe’s family suggests serious abuse of power and state resources.

“This family is a script from a Nigerian movie. There is a mother who flies to beat up children in other countries,” said Mafume on Tuesday.

He added, “Sons who have too much money without any profession or business besides being the children of the president and his wife; they chew taxpayers’ money as if they will receive Olympic medals from stealing.

“They have a last supper mentality with public funds. Everyone flies out to be healed no money in banks. Yet cars such as these are bought. If we have to have a life style audit it must begin with this family.”

Goreraza’s posh white and black car circulated on social media two days ago prompting critics including Zanu PF legislator to question the source of funds when the 34-year-old divorced man’s only known business is a struggling mine.

Kurauone Chihwayi, MDC spokesperson, said the Mugabe children’s love for lavish life styles speaks volumes about their parents’ parenting style and behaviour.

“This exhibits excessive pride and lack of parental guidance on the part of Russel and the other two naughty boys,” Chihwayi said.

“This amount of money raises our eyebrows at a time the country is in dire need of foreign currency. The first family should explain the source of the money at a time everybody is starving to death.”

Mockingly referred to as Gucci Grace, Mugabe’s wife has a global reputation for an expensive taste, often splurging huge sums of money during shopping sprees abroad.

Not to be outdone by their mom, the sons have become influential social media characters spoiling their audiences with pictorial evidence of lavish lives. – News