Obert Mpofu tightens grip in Matebeleland North

Obert Mpofu
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ZANU PF senior politburo member in Matabeleland North Obert Mpofu is leading from the front in the campaign as the 26 March by election draws closer.

ZANU PF has already secured a ward victory in Matabeleland North after the opposition failed to field a candidate.

Obert Mpofu hit the ground running with Minister of State Richard Moyo in Binga where they mobilized a bumper crowd and interacted with the masses sharing the devolution and development vision of the new dispensation.

Obert Mpofu articulated the need for Binga and Tsholotsho to vote for ZANU PF and ensure unity, peace, and development the cornerstones on which the party was built.

Nelson Chamisa’s CCC failed to appear in Binga to address the people. This left their candidate Prince Dubeko Sibanda with an egg on his face.

Obert Mpofu has also taken the campaign trail to Tsholotsho South, Ward 22 where he joined candidate Musa Ncube in reaching out to the grassroots.

Voters said they were impressed that a senior politburo was on the ground interacting with the people and securing votes for ZANU PF.

Socio-Political analyst Nicholas Ncube said “Nelson Chamisa and CCC now need to work four times harder if they are going to get anything in Mat North. Obert Mpofu, Richard Moyo, and the candidates are interacting with the grassroots and promoting ZANU PF and its development agenda with tangible results.”

Source – Byo24