“No prospects of economic recovery under Zanu PF govt,” – MDC-T

Abednico Bhebe
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A senior official in the opposition MDC-T, Abednico Bhebhe has expressed pessimism over the prospects of economic recovery under the governing ZANU PF.

He made the remarks while talking to the Daily News on Sunday Staff Writer Jeffrey Muvundusi in a wide-ranging interview which also discussed on the reports of human rights violations in the country. Below are the excerpts.

Muvundisi: Is there any hope for Zimbabwe in light of the economic crisis we are facing and where do you think Zanu PF got it wrong?

Bhebhe: I could not be far away from the truth to say that there appears to be very few ideas left or absolutely nothing to talk about in terms of economic recovery under the Zanu PF government.

(President Emmersn) Mnangagwa’s administration seems intent, instead, to crush any dissent from Zimbabweans who want to know when he is going to deal with unbridled corruption and deliver on his promises.

The Zanu PF government got it all wrong with policy inconsistency, State corruption and general misrule as the major plausible cause of economic regression.

The policy of unplanned land seizures and the chaotic distribution of farms scared away most, if not all foreign investors and chased most of the talented and experienced workforce out of the country.

It can hardly be a coincidence that the economy began its precipitous fall just after Zanu PF unleashed a wave of politically- motivated violence and repression directed against anyone opposed to its misrule.

Unfortunately, the management and economic downturn continues to date and the lunacy will continue to cost Zimbabwe until Zanu PF is removed from power.