Mzembi wads into MDC infighting, blasts Khupe over Tsvangirai graveside ‘rituals’

Former Foreign Affairs minister Walter Mzembi
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EXILED former tourism minister Walter Mzembi has stormed the MDC leadership feud, blasting MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe for displaying “leadership bankruptcy” through a weekend visit to late founding party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s grave.

Khupe and allies Douglas Mwonzora, Morgan Komichi and Elias Mudzuri set social media buzzing when images of the politicians “conducting rituals” next to Tsvangirai’s grave in Humanikwa village, Buhera went viral.

In the video, Khupe and allies are joined by Tsvangirai’s mother.

Holding hands in prayer, Khupe is heard beseeching the spirit of the late opposition heavy weight to guide them in their current struggles to “keep the party united”.

Tsvangirai’s death February 2018 ignited a fierce tussle for party control between co-deputies Nelson Chamisa and Khupe.

Khupe was later granted stewardship of the main opposition by the courts pending an extra-ordinary party elective congress to be held within three months of the ruling.

However, Mzembi felt the grave site visit was too horrifying to warrant a comment, posting on his twitter that Khupe displayed leadership bankruptcy.

“Do the dead have power over the living. Saul in 1 Samuel 28 summoned the spirit of Samuel to help him over the Philistines, the spirit was not amused for being disturbed ‘tomorrow shalt thou and thy sons be with thee’. This is leadership bankruptcy,” said Mzembi.

Others scolded Khupe and allies for unnecessarily dragging Tsvangirai into their wars instead of allowing him to rest peacefully.

Another comment said, “This is bizarre, when President Morgan Tsvangirai was alive@Dr Thoko_Khupe never wanted anything to do with him now ndiye akushanaira to his resting place with three musketers. Imika imi @RTsvangirai you must not let Gogo be abused”.

“They have tried to destroy everything he built and stood for. He is the one who wanted an Alliance. All they are doing is go against him and they go to his grave and ask to be led to win cases against him (Tsvangirai). These people are a joke.”

Some said it was normal practice everywhere in the world for people to visit final resting places of their icons or parents to seek guidance in their daily struggles.

They cited China, where thousands visit the late Mao Tse-tung’s grave.

They felt for as long as Tsvangirai’s surviving family allowed it, anyone could visit the icon’s grave site. – Newzim