Mujuru Denies Reports G40 Participated In Coalition Talks In South Africa

Gorden Moyo
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Joice Mujuru-led People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) has denied reports that G40 members were invited or organised a workshop held in Cape Town, South Africa, where opposition parties met to an all inclusive alliance to contest against Emmerson Mnangagwa in the upcoming elections.

PRC secretary for administration and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) secretary-general, Gorden Moyo also took time to dismiss MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube’s statement that the meeting in South Africa was for “every Tom, Dick and Harry”. Said Moyo:

For the record, the so-called G40 was never invited to the experience-sharing workshop nor was it part of organising the same. The concerted and choreographed disinformation campaign mounted by Zanu PF leadership and elements of the MDC Alliance can only be noted as an unfortunate, but revealing confluence of interests opposed to broad-based political dialogue and coalition building.

As a principle, the organisers could never acquiesce to the condescending characterisation of other Coalitions in Zimbabwe as meaningless ‘Toms, Dicks and Harrys’ as implied in Professor Ncube’s unfortunate statement of February 8.

At a practical level we were unaware on what basis we were being asked to exclude the other invitees. Were we to use actual votes obtained by party principals since 2008? Or is it parliamentary seats won by a party? In the organisers’ view, a democratic movement should ideally be an inclusive platform not one in which condescension, empty arrogance reign supreme.

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