Mnangagwa will not resign on the 31st or any other day

Joyce Muchenje,centre, poses for a photo with her three children, who all have albinism, outside their family home in Chitungwiza on the outskirts of Harare, in this Tuesday, June, 9, 2020. Muchenje used to provide for them by washing laundry and household cleaning for cross border traders at a busy border town before the lockdown, but now the border trade has stopped and Mutenje has run out of money to get the skin cream for her children. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)
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The July 31st protests in Zimbabwe will have lasting consequences. While most of them are difficult to anticipate, some of the economic impacts are already being felt and add up to long-term challenges to the country’s prosperity.

 Dr Masimba Mavaza

There are short term effects and long term effects. While the protests grind on, the short-term economic consequences for the people of Zimbabwe are beginning to mount.

A drop in consumer spending on non-essential goods is one of the most visible signs of its impact. Winter retail sales from May to August are expected to be down by more than 40% from a year earlier.

The protests that is expected to shut down Zimbabwe and force the president to step down have also taken a toll.  The investors are aware that such protests which are not compromising will not take one day they normally spread if not managed they will be like Hong Kong strikes. The purpose of demonstrations of the 31st July is to topple Mnangagwa from power. This is a regime change agenda so it must be treated like war and thus justified the army to protect the government and our president. This is calculated  to continue  until results are achieved.

In this case the result is the stepping down of president who was constitutionally selected by the people of Zimbabwe. What this means is the fact that the planners of the demonstration want the demo to look uncoordinated so that the government can not accuse any political party.  So this is the trick where the people are charged emotionally by the opposition and pour into the roads. The use of Ngarivhume as a front person is well calculated too. Ngarivhume will claim to have only called for one day strike. He will claim that the continuation of the strike per se was no longer under his control. Indeed the people will be used and the leaders of such uncoordinated destruction will be called majority, headless, spontaneous demonstration spreading its wings like a wildfire.

The other effect of the demonstration even before it started is seen in our tourism and aviation. The viation experts estimate that Air lines meant for Zimbabwe  suffered a US 100 million from flight cancellations because tourists, visitors and many people are not sure what will happen in Zimbabwe from the 31st July onwards.  So our economy is crumbling before our on eyes even before the strike started.

Since the airport contributes around  30%  Zimbabwe ‘s GDP, any disruptions are bound to reduce the special administrative region’s economic growth for the year – which has already suffered due to the ongoing  COVID 19 pandemic. U.S.

More broadly, there’s evidence that this expectation of demonstrations are keeping away tourists and business travelers, thanks in part to travel advisories from other countries And visitors typically responsible for over three quarters of all arrivals to  Zimbabwe have closed.

Besides this fear of the unknown the nation  will surely suffer. There are again long term effects  caused by the demonstrations.  The long-term costs of the protests – and the expected Zimbabwe’s reaction to them – are much harder to quantify.

One of them involves Zimbabwe’s status as a hub for international companies seeking to do business since Zimbabwe was open for business. Up to 2020 the Zimbabwean government realised that many multinational companies had  shown great interest in establishing regional headquarters in  zimbabwe. Of these, half were American.

Companies have historically chosen to set up shops in Zimbabwe  both because of its desirable location and its being the believer of the rule of law is now strong as compared to the old dispensation.
That’s been changing as more international businesses opt to move their businesses to the Republic of Zimbabwe as  its economic power has grown and its tolerance has improved.  If Zimbabwe seeks to resolve the protests by taking more control this would likely erode its attractive legal environment multinational companies would have one less reason to keep the nation as their regional foothold. If Zimbabwe prospers the opposition will not be happy they want the people to suffer so that they have a campaigning point. The suffering of our people is caused by the selfishness of the opposition. So this strike is a strategy to provoke Zimbabwe into restraining the mob. This will be used by the opposition as abuse of power.

What had been a trickle of companies leaving Zimbabwe may well turn into a flood – and with it an exodus of high-paying jobs and newly opening companies. If this happens the opposition will start saying Zimbabwe is failing in its governance. This is more than witchcraft.

Another long-term concern is how the 31st July demonstrations will affect Zimbabwe’s relations with the rest of the world.  And other world leaders may change the way they deal with  Zimbabwe.  if Harare takes a heavy-handed approach. But what would you expect the government to do. When Political thugs hiding behind Ngarivhume  start to destroy our children’s future. What would be the reaction of the state?
While Africa celebrate a new dawn,  Zimbabwe is left to question the financial implications of revolution when its ambitions are less successful.

Despite weeks of protests, in the previous times the ruling Party remains fully in charge. But the sunshine  nation’s economy has suffered. The first blow came when the COVID 19 forced all business to grind to a hold. Demonstrations are not the way to boost the country’s international standing. One rating company said on the 31st July demonstration.

“The political turmoil in Zimbabwe was the main driver behind our recent decision to place the country’s ratings on review for possible lotta time.”The rumours of this demonstration are making us keep a close eye on political developments across Zimbabwe.

The longer the protests continue – and they do – the dimmer the chance of any significant change occurring.  In any case power is not transferred that easy.
When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. So the police must have a duty to resist these malcontents.

Zimbabwe can not succumb to a group of power hungry students acting as politicians. Zimbabwe is a sovereign nation and it must not be bullied by those who do not know anything about governance. Zimbabwe believed in democracy and it has a right to fight and defend its democracy and its values.
ZANU PF as a party fought for one man one vote system. If the opposition wants Mnangagwa to go they must mobilise and vote against him and vote him out in the next elections.

These agitating for a demonstration are just doing it to embarrass the nation. Cde Mnangagwa was warmed that the fight against Obadiah Moyo was nothing to do with corruption but the enemy is using Obadiah Moyo to se if they can get to the president. As we said now they are saying Mnangagwa must go.
ZANU PF must fall. You give these people a hand they demand the arm. Now we did not only compromise Obadiah But we allowed the hats tug to cause an economic injury from the 31st July.

How can any one love his country so much that he is prepared to run it down through demonstrations.  This idea of making people suffer  until they rebel should never be tolerated.

On the 31st July Zimbabwe must show no mercy. We have suffered enough under the Opposition and we must not allow them to do it again. They prayed for sanctions they travelled up and down to get sanctions against Zimbabwe. In any other country if a citizen lobbies for sanctions against his own country that person is charged with treason. Discussing with a foreign country in-order to punish your people is evil. One can not go out there and bad mouth your country then come back and blame the government for economic hardships the hardships you have brought upon your country. These people must be charged appropriately.

The softness of Mnangagwa is now taken as a weakness.  It is time we rise above all this nonsense and defend our country against these people.

The government must not be intimidated by heartless power hungry blood suckers like job Sikhala who are always preaching violence.

Yes there is corruption in the system but the government is working on it. We must not be held at ransom by twitting maggots.

Zimbabwe United must never be divided Ukarwadziwa ne ZANU PF haupore.  We need to wake up in the morning and ask “Vanorwadziwa ne ZANU PF yakadini miviri?”

The president is put in a corner because his son’s name is found in every sentence of corruption.  It is high time the president talks to Collin. Collin is not bigger than the party or the nation. Mnangagwa has done so well and his son must not be allowed to be the weakest link in the presidential powers.
It must be known that all children do their things it must not be interpreted to mean that the father is aware.

Being that as it may the President needs to reign these youngsters. They must not be allowed to be that greedy and soil the legacy of the president.

Collin and his kin should remember that while their father is their father he is no longer theirs alone. He now is an assert to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is sworn to die protecting ED as the nation’s president. Anyone who tries to spoil the name of the president must know that when the party stands up to protect the president they will not be spared of the wrath of the fire.

On that note July 31 is the day Zimbabwe voted for ED and this day must not be allowed to be used by the opposition to destroy our sovereignty. ED must be strong and for this day only stop being  soft as a wool. Be the iron of the nation. Stop the blood shed which is about to be shed on 31st. Let us defend Zimbabwe together do not be intimidated by These gluttons like Biti Sikhala and Chamisa.

To all Zimbabweans Zimbabwe needs you let us unite against the threat of the demonstration by the opposition.

Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours in the whole universe and we must defend it. Let our soldiers be in the streets let our police be in the streets. Let every Zimbabwean be allowed to go to work without you toytoying.  Let us all be careful of the opposition lies. Zimbabwe will bounce back again.