Mnangagwa tells the West to back off Zimbabwean polls

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned the West to stop meddling in Zimbabwe’s political affairs ahead of the August 23 harmonised elections.

Addressing Zanu PF supporters after commissioning the US$153 million refurbished Robert Gabriel Mugabe lnternational Airport at the Airport Village Stadium on Friday, the President said interference by the West was “unacceptable” and must stop teaching Zimbabwe democracy.

“No one will teach us democracy. We are more qualified to those countries’ democracy. We think African and
we do not poke our noses into their pockets. Let me warn them that one day, we will burn those noses,” Mnangagwa said.

Referring to the upcoming elections, he further said, “This interference is unacceptable. Those countries must not interfere with our elections.

“Their elections are full of faults and issues such as fighting and pretence on democratic knowledge. They must not come here to teach us anything.

“We will not allow that,” he added.

Just recently, the government told the European Union to only observe the elections and not to monitor the plebiscite.

Mnangagwa urged Harare residents to kick out the opposition saying they had failed to run councils.

“Our towns and cities are full of garbage. This time around, kick them out, ” he said.

Meanwhile, the expansion of the Robert Mugabe Mugabe International terminal was made possible by the Chinese government which gave Zimbabwe a US$153 million loan for the project.

The expansion project which began in 2018 was done by China Jiangsu International with funding from the Export-Import Bank of China.

The project consists of an international terminal building and aprons, four new bridges, a secondary radar system, a VVIP pavilion and an airfield ground lighting and communication system, among other things.

The commissioning ceremony was also attended by senior government officials, the Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Zhou Ding and other foreign diplomats.

China has also given the Zimbabwean government loans for other developmental projects such as the US$100 million loan for the New Parliament Building project which is now complete.