Mnangagwa chases Kasukuwere’s shadow in his home province

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa Saturday took his campaign to Saviour Kasukuwere’s Mashonaland Central home province urging supporters not to entertain the ex-Zanu PF commissar’s political ambitions.

Kasukuwere commanded a huge following in Mashonaland Central when he was in the ruling party.

Mnangagwa addressed thousands of supporters that thronged Centenary as he continues to solicit votes as general elections loom.

The Zanu PF leader told supporters not to tolerate any attempts to unseat the ruling party.

“Utwu tunhesva mukono tushoma netunobva kunoku. Haa veduwe kana kauya pamba kape mvura kapfure kana kanwa usakarege kachivata pamba. Zvino anoti akapihwa mvura opfuuura. Kunongoedza achingopfuura (There are forces that are coming here. Do not entertain their ambitions),” said Mnangagwa.

The move has apparently rattled Zanu PF which fears its erstwhile commissar will divide votes with suspicions of a G40 factional grouping still being in existence in the ruling party.

Kasukuwere is confident of proving his political mettle against Mnangagwa counting on his popularity in Mashonaland Central.

Mnangagwa urged unity among Zanu PF members telling them to shun away from factionalism.

“The country will be built by people who are united. I am so happy that here in spite of provocations that we get from some of our children who have been lost who are guided by their insatiable appetite for money. They lose character, they lose their custom, they lose their identity as well as they come from,” he said.

Zanu PF pampered the rural folk with bread and fast foods, promising to deliver farming inputs to the majority.

Chiefs were promised goats, while women were charmed with 10 birds by Mnangagwa who has set sights on cementing his stranglehold on power.