Mnangagwa and Zanu PF do not respect the sanctity of life

Jacob Ngarivhume
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MDC Alliance official Jacob Ngarivhume has warned that President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF government are not worried over the massed deaths of people as they also participated in the killing of Ndebeles during Gukurahundi.

He said January 3 1983 Emmerson Mnangagwa as Minster of State for National Security of Zimbabwe oversaw the start of a brutal reign of terror on the Ndebele people.

Ngarivhume said over a period of 4 years innocent men, women and children were beaten, burned alive or shot. 20 000 people lost their lives.

“As the world mourns the 90 000 lives lost from COVID 19 we are reminded of the sanctity of life. Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF do not respect the sanctity of life as evidenced in his “Bring a dead body to the mortuary” speech,” he said.

“They can pretend to care about the people of Zimbabwe but their true nature is evident. When COVID 19 is defeated they will return to their routine intimidation of people, criminal looting of natural resources, imprisoning and murdering those who dare to speak the truth.”

Ngarivhume said Zimbabwe will again be left unprepared to handle new global health threats that could be far worse than COVID 19.

“We cannot allow this to happen. We must not go back to business as unusual after COVID 19.  It is time for JUSTICE to reach the people responsible for destroying Zimbabwe; the judges who’ve been complicit, politicians at the forefront of crafting oppressive laws, police and army generals who have violated domestic and international laws,” he said.

“Emmerson Mnangagwa MUST face justice for what he did to 20 000 innocent people. President Charles Taylor of Liberia is serving a 50-year prison sentence for human rights violations in Liberia. Blaise Compaore of Burkina Faso has an international arrest warrant out for him for murdering Thomas Sankara and violating human rights during his 27-year term.”

He said it’s high time they show corrupt politicians that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

“Zimbabwe is a nation in shambles because of Zanu PF. With no transparency in the Zanu PF government, the people of Zimbabwe have no idea how much money is lost daily to corruption. Our natural resources are managed under a thick cloud of corruption while millions of Zimbabweans face starvation and death. This is no longer acceptable and something needs to be done to stop this!!” he said.

“It Is time for the people of Zimbabwe to UNITE and actually fight against corruption and stop talking about it. To our brothers and sisters in the armed forces – For decades you have been used as pawns, as foot soldiers to prop up evil and corrupt men. You have been given the green light to violate human rights by those who stand to benefit the most from oppressing the people.”

Ngarivhume said by choosing to stand with corrupt politicians, millions of  countrymen are starving to death or dying in hospitals with no doctors or medicine.

“The constitution of Zimbabwe compels you to protect the “PEOPLE” of Zimbabwe against those who would harm them both foreign and domestic. Zanu PF has done more harm to Zimbabwe than any terrorist organisation ever could.
To our brothers and sisters in the police – many of you served under Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri. Today he is in hiding. During his term you were forced to turn a blind eye to government corruption and made to focus your attention on bread thieves and political activists,”  he said.

“Chihuri built a mansion in Chishawasha using resources meant for the Police. He enriched himself while low ranking officers lived in small government flats and struggled to feed their families. Today Zanu PF politicians continue to steal in broad daylight in front of the whole nation because they believe they are untouchable. ”

“Our appeal to you our brothers and sisters in the uniformed services is to do the RIGHT THING. Politicians have used you for power. WITHOUT YOU THEY HAVE NO POWER.”

“Stand with the people of Zimbabwe to hold Emmerson Mnangagwa accountable for the serious crimes he has committed. He authorised the murder of women and children, and amassed a fortune from stolen diamonds in the Congo. Cheating his way to the presidency does not absolve him of the crimes he has committed and promising dialogue over Gukurahundi will not right the wrong.”

Ngarivhume said instead of driving around in bullet proof cars under heavy police escort Mnangagwa must face a court of justice and answer for what he and his colleagues have done to Zimbabwe.

“Our calls for justice will be labelled as treason or regime change agenda. This is every dictator’s last stand to preserve control over the people.  An order will be released to the army and police to be on high alert to intimidate the people calling for accountability,” he said.

“But the true act of treason is betraying the people of Zimbabwe by plundering their natural resources and mortgaging the nation to foreign powers. Creating laws to oppress the people and denying millions of Zimbabweans the right to vote- that is treason.”

He said this is the hour of Justice- What Zanu PF has done to Zimbabwe is unforgivable.

“We are a nation that can barely take care of itself. We rely on donations from foreign governments and local businesses to provide medicine for the sick or to save our people from hunger. Children are taught right from wrong only to watch those who lead the country violating laws with impunity,” Ngarivhume said.

“COVID19 has given us the wake-up call we needed. Those elected to government must be held accountable starting NOW. They have no special rights; they are not untouchable and most importantly they are NOT ABOVE THE LAW. LET THE PEOPLE ZIMBABWE UNITE FOR JUSTICE for our time has come to turn this ship of state and put it on a course towards true prosperity for ALL THE PEOPLE.”

Source – Byo24