Mliswa denies he has rejoined Zanu-PF

Temba Mliswa
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Independent legislator for Norton, Temba Mliswa has denied that he has rejoined that ruling Zanu-PF party. This comes after rumours circulated on social media that he had rejoined the party which expelled him 3 years ago. He further argued that attending Zanu-PF events does not compromise him in any way as he has attended MDC-T events as well in the past.

Mliswa took to Twitter, to address the rumours saying:

The rumour that I applied to rejoin ZANU PF, and the view that I am back in Zanu PF are both false. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am still an independent mind, and in my independence, I remain true to serving the people of Norton in this capacity

I am not part of ZANU PF- and I also am not in the opposition. I am simply a Progressive Zimbabwean. I have marched with the MDC-T on the missing 15 billion and on anti-corruption. This I did because of the substance around these issues. These marches were for the good of Zimbabwe.

I have even attended MDC-T rallies and Conferences as I have always enjoyed the freedom to associate with whoever I want to associate with. This is the one liberty I am not yet ready to trade.

By everyone, I include also some comrades within ZANU PF. I also attended the ZANU PF congress in the same capacity with which I attended the MDC-T Conference!!!! As an invited Local Guest.

The decision whether or not to join any political party is not on the table, at least until I finish my term in Norton.

The foundation of Political intolerance is that behaviour of labelling people who do not share your political persuasion.  Political alternatives are more than just ZANU-PF and MDC-T.

I’m a progressive Zimbabwean. Opposition vs ruling means both entities have drawn lines and can never be inclusive of all Zimbabweans. I do not draw any lines, I have not yet drawn any lines and I do not intend to.

Aspiring MP for Mount Pleasant Fadzayi Mahere questioned him on whether he was not compromising his Independent status. Said Mahere:

I’m open to all shades of political persuasion existing. I often tolerate them – even where I disagree.

My question to you is – are you not compromising your “Independent” status by attending Zanu congresses & wearing their regalia? Wither trust?Independent doesn’t mean two-faced.

To which Mliswa Mliswa stressed that he had never worn Zanu-PF regalia.

But Honorable, you must be thorough in analysis. Can you show me where I wore ZANU PF regalia? I attended the ZANU PF congress, which does not compromise my independence as I owe them nothing and as I do not represent them in any capacity. I however never wore regalia!

I will attend the MDC-T one when it happens, I already attended the MDC-T conference in Bulawayo and the MDC-T event in Hwedza