MDC-T offers bribes for fake 2014 structures

Thozani Khupe
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The MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe has been accused of offering bribes to members of the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance members in the Midlands and several other parts of the country to manufacture fake 2014 structures ahead of an expected extra-ordinary congress as recently ordered by the Supreme Court.

By Brenna Matendere

Khupe was given reigns to be interim president of the MDC by the Supreme Court in a judgment delivered by Justice Bharat Patel.

Her backers, led by former chairperson Morgen Komichi as well as Douglas Mwonzora, have maintained that the ruling meant she had taken over leadership of the Chamisa-led MDC Alliance.

But MDC Alliance vice-president Tendai Biti has denied such interpretation, saying the
MDC-T was a different party altogether with nothing to do with the Chamisa-led formation.

The Supreme Court judgment also ordered Khupe to convene “an extra-ordinary congress in three months to elect a substantive leadership of the MDC”.

In a bid to solidify support for Khupe at the intended extra-ordinary congress, sources told our sister paper The Standard that some MDC-T officials had been dangling US$100 bribes to MDC Alliance activists in the Midlands to produce fake 2014 structures list with real names of MDC people, but who may not have been position holders during that period.

Takavafira Zhou, the MDC Alliance’s Midlands provincial spokesperson, confirmed the development.

“It has come to the provincial leadership’s attention that the rebels are running mad and offering US$100 to anyone who can assist in the production of even fake 2014 MDC-T structures. We are aware of the current hardships, but want to encourage our genuine MDC Alliance members never to salivate at a poisoned carrot,” he said.

“Co-operating in supplying fake 2014 structures is just like kissing a rabid dog.”

Zhou said the party leadership learnt that the Khupe team was in Kwekwe on Sunday pursuing that mission.

“Some of our officials have informed us that rebel agents were in Kwekwe (on Sunday) and tried to hoodwink MDC Alliance members to provide fake 2014 structures without success. Let our CCC (constituency co-ordinating committee) be appraised that as a party, we have the 2014 structures,” Zhou said.

“We want to remind our lower structures that only the provincial organising department or other provincial members assigned by the organising department can request for the structures from our constituency co-ordinating committees (formerly districts). To be forewarned is to be forearmed. It is, however, prudent to report any attempt (and at whatever level) by rebels to extend feelers to MDC Alliance supporters.

“Vigilance demands that we must always be resilient every time and be ready to define, defend and nurture the democratic agenda under the leadership of the people’s president, Nelson Chamisa.”

Zhou also said that the MDC Midlands province had thrown its weight behind Chamisa.

“The three provincial wings in Midlands (men, women and youth) and 28 constituencies are solely behind the people’s president, Nelson Chamisa.

“Lest some people may forget, leadership in any political party is determined politically and not through the courts. President Nelson Chamisa is the undisputed leader of MDC Alliance and there are no two ways about this historical reality,” he said.

“Two political parties, MDC Alliance and MDC-T, went to elections as independent entities, making the court decisions not only warped, but also void.

“We wish Khupe her best in her machination, which is futile, as we will remain resolute resilient behind president Chamisa. The courts cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong; neither can they weaken the strong to strengthen the weak.”

Mwonzora yesterday denied sending teams to bribe people to get doctored 2014 structures.

“That is totally false. The list of 2014 structures is there already in our records. After lockdown, we will be verifying the actual existence of these people,” he said.

“No team was ever sent out as alleged. We are on lockdown, remember.” – News Day