Mandatory ideological re-orientation programme for Zanu PF prospective MPs

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HARARE – Individuals angling to become Zanu PF members of Parliament will first need to undergo mandatory ideology classes, the party’s commissariat department has said.

As the front line of ideological work, MPs bear the responsibility of studying and propagating Marxism; cultivating and promoting the core values of socialism; and providing the intelligence and talent for the realisation of the Zanu PF dream

This Chitepo Ideological College will exert better “ideological guidance” to aspiring MPs.

The school will be housed at the Zanu PF headquarters.

Zanu PF chief whip Lovemore Matuke has said no official, including sitting MPs, would stand as party candidates in the 2018 elections, without going through the Chitepo Ideological College.

And now the Zanu PF commissariat department has moved to make it Zanu PF party policy.

“It is proposed that in future, candidates wishing to stand for elections should be holders of the Chitepo School of Ideology certificates.

“This has since been communicated to the politburo and central committee,” reads the Zanu PF central committee report to the special extraordinary congress.

“All provincial executive council members received training from the school. Members of the national executives of the youth and women’s leagues are due to receive training.

“There is, nevertheless, need to house the school in ideal premises away from the party headquarters.

“Political and ideological training is critical in the party in order to inculcate the ideal culture and discipline required of the party members.” – Daily News