Khupe’s MDC-T expells Abednico Bhebhe

Khupe and Abednico Bhebhe
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The National Council of the position MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe has expelled Abednico Bhebhe from the party over gross violation of the party’s constitution by supporting another political party other than the MDC T.

Below are the resolutions of the MDC-T National Council meeting.

Upholding and Respecting the Supreme Court Judgment (SC56/2020) which ordered the holding of an Extraordinary Congress in terms of the party constitution to elect a substantive replacement for the late Party President Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

Acknowledging the same Supreme Court judgement recognises the existence of the constitution of the MDC without any qualifications.

Affirming that the Supreme Court judgement doesn’t entail deviating from the clear provisions of our constitution.

Realising that some members of the Party have left the party and joined or formed other political parties and that by that fact alone the said members have renounced their membership of the party.

Acknowledging the resolutions of the National Council Meeting of 9 May 2020, which meeting resolved to

a. acknowledge the 31st March 2020 Supreme Court judgment

b. go for the ordered Extraordinary Congress in line with the party constitution

c. recall those elected members, in parliament and local government, who have chosen to join or support other parties.

Recognising the resolutions of the National Council meeting of 18 October 2020

Recognising the public health challenges imposed on physical provincial nominations by the Covid 19 pandemic.

The National Council therefore unanimously resolves to

  1. Expel Mr A Bhebhe from the party in terms of section 5.10.a and 5.11.a of the constitution for grossly violating the constitution of the party supporting another political party other than the MDC T. To that end he is formally disqualified to take part in any processes of the party.
  2. Nominate T. Khupe, M. Komichi. E. Mudzuri and D.T.Mwonzora to contest the position of President of the party.
  3. Hold the Extraordinary Congress of the party shall be held between the 13th and the 20th of December 2020 on a venue(s) to be advised.

Signed: Dr Tapiwa Mai-Marefu Mashakada 

Acting National Spokesperson