Kasukuwere in Kenya, Unveils His Manifesto

Zimbabwean presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere (r) in Kenya. Photo: Saviour Kasukuwere. Source: Twitter Read more: https://www.tuko.co.ke/kenya/512545-zimbabwean-presidential-candidate-meet-politicians-polls/
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NAIROBI – Saviour Kasukuwere, a presidential candidate from Zimbabwe, has arrived in Kenya to hold a series of meetings with Kenyan political operatives.

Kasukuwere is campaigning for the upcoming general elections in Zimbabwe, scheduled for August 23. He aims to revive and stabilize Zimbabwe’s struggling economy, which he believes is causing people to flee to neighboring countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Kasukuwere expressed his desire to change the situation by reviving the economy, preventing the outflow of people, and developing the country. He also promised to address corruption, which he believes has damaged Zimbabwe’s reputation, and to restore trust in the country’s public service. If elected, he plans to grant title deeds to Zimbabweans who have been suffering for years.

Kasukuwere is running as an independent candidate and will be competing against the incumbent president, Emmerson Mnangagwa of ZANU PF, and Nelson Chamisa of the Change Coalition in the upcoming elections.