Daniel Shumba lays his Presidential ambitions

Daniel Shumba
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As your future President, I would not approve of a Wild West monetary system. Economies are complex and not single-dimensional, thus require broad and inclusive multifaceted Prescriptions. Zimbabwe must urgently stop the Godfather syndrome. We’re not a private enterprise.

The citizens must have confidence in the value systems and securities presented. Mutuality is critical for the practical functioning of any economy. Command money and policies a more egocentric and unsustainable because citizens will opt for the best alternative.

Private wealth, trade or investments can’t be stolen from citizens while the ‘Have’ are insulated. What about the ‘Have not’?

Parliament established that Gono was doing was illegal and unconstitutional but Zanu PF MP’s were wiped to legitimize the biggest robbery of all time.

No one is above the law, yet Gono presided and actively participated in the operation of the Recon Act (Expropriation) and more. The country fed from Gono’s hands (Army, Police, including many quasi-fiscal activities). This opened the floodgates of the mess we are in today.

To fix the economy we must reset all national drivers. Constitutionalism, rule of law, uncapture the Judiciary, repeal of all unconstitutional laws and statutes, human rights, and corruption. No to indiscretions. No to the printing of money.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA)

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