Chamisa’s Missteps at Sen. Murisi Zwizwai’s Funeral Highlight Political Isolation

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Nelson Chamisa, the losing presidential candidate in Zimbabwe’s 2023 Harmonised General Elections, has once again drawn attention for his controversial remarks. At the funeral of the late CCC Senator, Murisi Zwizwai, Chamisa chose to mock President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who defeated him in the recent elections.

This behavior, which deviates from traditional African values of respect and ubuntu, has sparked significant criticism.

Chamisa’s Remarks and Their Implications

Chamisa’s statement, claiming that he was like a father to the President—a notion allegedly endorsed by the late former President Robert Mugabe—was seen as an attempt to portray himself as a towering figure in Zimbabwean politics. However, such comments at a solemn event were perceived as inappropriate and disrespectful.

In stark contrast, Tendai Biti, Chamisa’s political rival who is currently on a political hiatus, delivered a eulogy that focused on celebrating Zwizwai’s life, reflecting maturity and respect for the occasion. This divergence in conduct between the two political figures has highlighted Chamisa’s penchant for using funerals as platforms for political attacks rather than moments of genuine commiseration.

Criticism from Political Analysts

Tendai Nhamo, a political commentator based in Gweru, has criticized Chamisa for his actions, labeling him a “fake Christian and pastor” who does not adhere to the principles of Christianity. Nhamo references Romans 13:1-7, which calls for respect and submission to governing authorities, suggesting that Chamisa’s behavior is contrary to these biblical teachings.

Nhamo argues that if Chamisa truly embraced Christian values, he would show respect to President Mnangagwa, acknowledging his authority as divinely appointed. Instead, Chamisa’s actions are seen as rebellious and disrespectful, particularly towards Zwizwai, who had been marginalized within Chamisa’s political faction.

Internal Political Struggles

The internal dynamics within Chamisa’s party have also come under scrutiny. Zwizwai, who was part of the Tshabangu faction, was sidelined by Chamisa during the candidate selection process for the 2023 elections. It was only recently that Zwizwai was appointed Senator by Tshabangu, after having served four terms as Harare Central MP. Chamisa’s failure to acknowledge Zwizwai’s contributions at the funeral has been seen as another instance of his disrespectful behavior.


Chamisa’s conduct at Zwizwai’s funeral underscores his growing political isolation and the perception that he uses inappropriate moments to further his political agenda. His remarks and actions have been widely criticized for lacking respect and decency, qualities that are especially valued in African cultural contexts. As Chamisa continues to navigate his political path, these incidents may further alienate him from both political allies and the electorate.

Source – Tonderai Ndoro