Chamisa says he is not quitting politics

Nelson Chamisa
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THE beleaguered former Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa, who only three days ago said he has no association with any colour, political organisation or movement, today said he is not quitting politics. But he went mum when asked when he is launching a new party.

Chamisa resigned from CCC in January and said in a court affidavit dated 27 February that he has no association with any colour, political organisation or movement.

He has been associated with blue after dumping the CCC’s yellow colour.

Responding to a question on his X handle whether it is true that he won’t be participating in active politics again because “hanzi makuenda pamudya ndigere”, Chamisa responded: “Yours truly is the last person to abandon a calling.”

When asked: “Is change coming?” He responded: “Too much. It’s gonna happen and in no time..”

Chamisa, however, went silent when someone said they were waiting for the new party launch.

Chamisa who donned red as leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, went on to yellow as leader of the Citizens Coalition for Zimbabwe before switching to blue for an as yet unnamed movement though the name Democratic Alliance of Zimbabwe is being thrown around.

He has been taken to court by CCC interim secretary Sengezo Tshabangu for changing the party colours at the CCC Bulawayo office from yellow to blue.

Chamisa, however, says he has no offices in Bulawayo and is not associated with any colour, party or movement.

Tshabangu today said he maintains good relations with Chamisa.

Posting on his X handle, he said: “I’ve good relations with President Chamisa that’s why he couldn’t file an affidavit one day against everything we did recently,he remains someone who I “conditionally”respect,that’s why you saw he said nothing bad about me on his responding affidavit to the Bulawayo Offices case.”

See Tshabangu and Chamisa’s affidavits here.