Chamisa Likens Former Party to ‘Mushikashika’ in Scathing Critique

Nelson Chamisa (Photo: AP)
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HARARE, Zimbabwe — Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has compared his former party, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), to a “Mushikashika,” a term used for a run-down vehicle operating illegally as a taxi.

Chamisa’s critical remarks came during a press briefing on Monday, where he discussed his stance on last year’s elections with the regional body SADC.

Chamisa parted ways with the CCC earlier this year, citing infiltration within the party, and announced a “sabbatical” in January. Since his departure, the CCC has struggled to regain the momentum it enjoyed under his leadership, which saw the party filling stadiums nationwide and securing over two million votes in the August 2023 General Elections.

Internal divisions have since surfaced within the CCC, with factions competing for political funding, highlighting the party’s ongoing struggles. Despite his exit, Chamisa stressed his continued commitment to opposition politics.

“Yes, I left the CCC, but I am still in opposition. I left the ‘Mushikashika,’ but I am still driving,” Chamisa remarked in Shona.

Chamisa asserted that political engagement is not confined to party affiliation. “Being in politics doesn’t necessarily mean being affiliated with a specific party. I am a national leader, chosen by over two million people – a significant number compared to the historical performances of opposition parties,” he said.

Chamisa’s comments underscore the challenges faced by the CCC as it attempts to navigate a post-Chamisa era and maintain its influence in Zimbabwean politics.