Chamisa is Trump’s ‘perfect biological son’, says Chinamasa

Patrick Chinamasa
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ZANU PF has drawn parallels between opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa and United States losing presidential candidate Donald Trump who has refused to concede defeat in the just-ended American polls.

Addressing a Press conference, Zanu PF acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa said Chamisa was Trump’s “perfect biological son”.

“If you wanted to liken Donald Trump to any personality in our political arena, it will be Chamisa. In fact, it will be Chamisa. President (Robert) Mugabe was never defeated and never refused to vacate as we know historically. It is not true (that he was defeated). He was never defeated in any election as Zanu PF, as President Mugabe since 1980,” Chinamasa said.

His statements came after top news channels in the US likened Trump’s actions to those of Zanu PF and the late former President Mugabe who was toppled in a military coup in 2017.

Mugabe refused to step down after losing to the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008, leading to the formation of a coalition government.

But Chinamasa had other views.

“What sometimes people refer to as a defeat was in 2008 which led to the presidential rerun, where he trailed in the first run versus Tsvangirai,” he said.

“In our case, our President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa won 50% plus over 400 000. So, we won overwhelming majority. There is no comparison of the antics of Trump to Zanu PF. If anything, he (Trump) taught Chamisa the wrong things and that is what I said.”

Chinamasa said the US, through its embassy in Harare, taught Chamisa to refuse to concede defeat.

Zanu PF accused the US of behaving in an undemocratic manner and holding sham elections, by Trump’s own admission.

He said Zimbabwe had nothing to learn from the US elections which “exposed the rottenness of the country’s electoral system and so-called democracy”.

“The just-ended elections in the US by all standards have turned into a circus, from allegations of vote fraud to unbridled vote counts leading to a week’s long stalemate before elections could be announced despite there being a clear leader, Joe Biden,” Chinamasa said, accusing the US of trying to lecture Africans about democracy yet they were busy running the “mother of all undemocratic” elections.

“The Trump administration is, indeed, a threat to democracy and the global superpower must be stopped. In all the foregoing, we are however surprised by the silence of the United Nations, the European Union and their allies who have sought to prefect us on our electoral systems.

“I am surprised by the silence of the US ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols, who always wants to school us about democracy.

“Where is he to tell us and update us about what is happening in the US and when his boss is going to hand over power to President-elect Biden.”

Source – newsday