Chamisa calls for ‘unity of direction’ amid ‘divisive, toxic, partisan’ politics

Nelson Chamisa
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THE embattled main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has issued a stark challenge, calling for a shift away from “divisive, toxic, partisan” politics and embracing a “unity of direction” for the nation.

As the country is celebrating Unity Day, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president said Zimbabwe is ‘profusely bleeding’ from the wounds of political manipulation and elite self-interest.

Unity Day commemorates the signing of the Unity Accord on December 22, 1987. The day celebrates the end of the unfortunate discord between Zanu (PF) and (PF Zapu).

“A unity day is meaningless unless and until it is driven by Unity values and unity politics undergirded by a unity of direction, singleness of national purpose and a preponderance of patriotic duty and consciousness by all Zimbabweans, especially those occupying public national offices,” wrote Chamisa on X.

“As of today, Zimbabwe is deeply divided and profusely bleeding on account of divisive, toxic, partisan and unpatriotic politics sponsored and perpetuated by a parasitic political elite.”

This year’s Unity Day celebrations come at the back of a disputed August 23 general election, which the opposition has described as a gigantic fraud.

The country has also seen a rise in crackdown on opposition members while there has also been an increase in the stifling of civic spaces.

According to Chamisa, Zimbabwe is captured by those who thrive in a weak, failing and unstable Zimbabwe.

“The state is personalized, the politics bastardized, the alternative is demonized and the law is weaponized against perceived political opponents.

“Our otherwise beautiful country is now essentially a banana republic. Zimbabwe is not just at the risk of being turned into a one-party-state but a one-man-state! We must and will end this ugly era,” said opposition leader Chamisa.