CCC appeals for patience as it finalises candidate selection process

Fadzai Mahere (Image: RT News)
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HARARE – Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has called for patience among party faithful as it finalises its long-awaited selection process of candidates set to represent the popular opposition in the country’s harmonised elections set for August 23.

This comes after several lists of purported party candidates have been circulating on social media.

CCC, formed off a faction of the MDC following a party split in 2020, abandoned primary elections in place of the unprecedented process.

The delay in a process that started in early April this year has brought anxiety among the party faithful and also opened party systems to constant ridicule by opponents.



However, in a statement, CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere moved to allay fears the party’s four-step candidate selection process may have run into hurdles.

She said the process was nearing completion, adding that successful candidates would be announced “at the appropriate time”.

“The process lets citizens nominate their own candidates, uses an independent panel to vet nominated candidates, allows citizens to question candidates through caucuses, then final selection and validation is made by CISP (Candidate Independent Selection Panel).

“This is a 4-step process and is entirely different from a primary election because it relies on the consultation of multiple stakeholders to choose the most suitable, community focused candidates,” Mahere said.

She added, “The citizen caucuses are not decisive nor are they meant to necessarily produce a single candidate.

“All factors will be taken into account and a formal list will be announced at the appropriate time.

“No person who is not the CISP has the prerogative to announce candidates.”

CCC appealed for patience from its supporters while the candidates’ selection was being finalised.

“We call on all citizens and stakeholders to be patient with the process and to disregard what mischievous elements are referring to ‘leaked lists’.

“As soon as the final, official candidate list is complete, it will be made public and communicated officially.”

Apart from party leader Nelson Chamisa who was not opposed as presidential candidate, no other candidate is known to have been selected. – ZimLive