Tensions rise in Zimbabwe as cops fire shots at protesters in Harare

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HARARE – Zimbabwe police on Friday reportedly fired shots at protesters in Harare City centre.

Scores of protesters went into the streets to protest against the cash crisis in the country.

Although details were still sketchy, the confrontation between the cops and protesters reportedly resulted in injuries.


The people of Zimbabwe have been living in a nightmare of a country for many years now. A collapsed economy, no resources and a dictator president who often uses violence to restore order. Robert Mugabe has even been accused of rigging multiple elections over the last few years.

As Zimbabwe’s economic crisis has only worsened over the last few weeks, several petrol stations have been running out of fuel since Monday. This has led to long queues and panic amongst many Zimbabweans.

The Zimbabwean government have decided to take a rather bizarre interpretation of what’s really going on with the fuel shortages.   Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has claimed that “false rumours” of the shortages have caused panic buying.

Yes, folks, apparently the government says the shortages aren’t real at all…

“The trigger to the artificial shortages that was created was most unexpected. In fact, it was like a bombshell because there were no shortages in the market.”

“The cause basically was social media. Of course, it means its a security issue, it is also a political agenda, a regime change agenda. We are going to look at what exactly happened with a view to take corrective measures in the security arena.”

A social media blackout would represent even further levels of censorship for the Zimbabwean government.  The government currently censors national TV and the majority of news agencies in the country.

These threats from the government also come a few days before President Zuma is set to host Robert Mugabe in South Africa. One has to wonder if Grace Mugabe will attend too?  Just a few weeks after she was granted diplomatic immunity from the assault charges she faced for allegedly beating Gabrielle Engels.

Or maybe the Mugabe sons will join their father and trash some local government accommodation? Who knows anymore…