Senior MDC Alliance official calls for crashing of cockroaches

Maureen Kademaunga
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Activist Maureen Kademaunga has issued an apology for comparing the ruling Zanu-PF party to cockroaches while speaking at a political rally in Highfield. Kademaunga received criticism for her choice of words, with some classifying it as hate speech. In a statement released on Wednesday, Kademaunga said,

Yesterday I was asked to give an impromptu solidarity message at the Highfield West rally. Whilst address the women I used a very unfortunate analogy of “mapete” (cockroaches), trying to illustrate how nothing changes when you get rid of just one big one, alluding to the violent removal of Mugabe by the Junta in the November coup by another Zanu-PF faction and hoping to show that the problem of Zanu-PF was still prevalent, and we should vote them all out on July 30th. With so many women present, it seemed like a pertinent kitchen example at that unprepared time.

I am very sorry for the unfortunate analogy hastily put together to try to make a point. I know and understand the historical context and in hindsight, I believe I should have used other examples to avoid handing the violent Zanu PF party a PR victory. I am a strong believer in a peaceful free and fair election and am fighting for a positive change in Zimbabwe. God Bless Everyone in, on all political divides in Zimbabwe.